Dig It Dogs is led by a certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer with 10+ years of experience in the pet care and dog training industry, we operate through positive reinforcement methods to deliver a tailored and fulfilling boarding experience to our guests.

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A trial date is a one-time evaluation to confirm we’re the best match for your pup. Only pre-approved dogs can reserve their bookings. With our limited number of guests, we ask that you reach out as soon as possible to secure a spot.

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We strive to give your friend a home away from home: a low stress environment where your dog can enjoy their own vacation while you’re away. 

Are the dogs ever left alone?

On occasion, Andrew & I may need to leave for short periods of time. Dogs are crated or contained to individual areas when we step away and we can check on them through a camera app on our phones.

Do you take dogs on raw food or who require medication?

Yes, we can prepare special diets and administer meds.

Do you accept intact dogs?

Yes, intact males and unspayed females - not actively in heat - are welcome to join us!

What if two dogs don’t get along?

We limit our guests to an average of 4 dogs and screen each dog with a trial night before they stay with us. While they must be social and non-aggressive, we are very skilled in reading interactions, adapting and managing them as needed.

What happens if there’s an injury or illness?

We assess urgency and proceed accordingly. We would transport an emergency to our closest vet, where a non-emergency would be taken to your family clinic. You, or an alternative contact, would be kept in the loop as we address any health concerns.

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What does good dog play look like?

Learn how we foster a healthy dynamic between guests with real-life photos of dogs in action. Confidently manage your next social and enjoy safer, friend-filled outings with your dog!

  • Find the right playmate

  • Spot red flag interactions

  • Know when to step in and reset

  • Recognize safe play behaviour

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