We’re experienced caregivers you can depend on; supporting you through all seasons of life and for generations of dogs to come. Take a peek at the path that brought us here, to you.

Elise posing with two of her dogs

Élise Saint-Pierre, PPDT

The PPDT in my name stands for Professional Pet Dog Trainer, a credential from British Columbia’s Good Dog Academy - one of the few certified dog training schools in Canada.

In the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of training explosive detection canines, athletes, actors and family dogs using positive reinforcement methods, and building a lovely community of supporters along the way.

In 2014, my partner and I started Dig It Dogs as we opened our home to pups in the HRM and East Hants who could benefit from our land, expertise and companionship.

Our mission

Where our story meets yours

We have since cared for thousands of dogs, each with their unique charm and personality. At Dig It Dogs, they're not a number in a software - they're family. It brings us so much joy to help them feel seen, nurtured and fulfilled in our space, and to extend this peace of mind to their humans.

These are my guys (from left to right): Missy, Fox, Jasper and Miles.

four dogs lined up next to each other
Our community

We're grateful for our friends

During the pandemic, we temporarily closed our doors and spent that time cultivating new experiences in the dog training industry... but we missed our Dig It Dogs!

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Stay in touch

Take a vacation from worrying

We post daily updates on social so you can follow along from anywhere in the world. Explore our property, see what the dogs are up to, and rest assured they’re in the best of hands!