A low stress alternative to dog boarding kennels

Dig It Dogs is a small scale, open concept, nature-infused experience for dogs of all ages and sizes.

red dog in the snowy forest

"I am absolutely in love with your home boarding model. As a dog lover and professional, it makes me very happy to see all the wonderful adventures and love that all these pups are getting while their pet parents are away. It's a lot of work, but you folks are doing it beautifully."

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Things of the past

Leaving your dog behind can be stressful

We know these feelings all too well...
They're an essential part of our family and we're here to give you the peace of mind you deserve!

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Enjoying a beautiful getaway while your dog has sub-par days without you always ends in a guilt trip.

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Finding a caregiver who’s truly knowledgeable, empathetic and reliable has been an impossible task.

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Your dog is bored in kennel settings but overwhelmed in large groups and you can’t find a solution that’s just right.

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You fear your dog will rehearse unwanted behaviours or be punished by inexperienced handlers, erasing all your hard work.

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What makes Dig It Dogs so special?

Know your dog is thriving in the care of a certified professional dog trainer, romping through the woods in the company of hand-picked friends, and being truly nurtured on a holiday of their own.

We operate through positive reinforcement methods to deliver a safe, tailored and fulfilling boarding experience to our guests!


A one-of-a-kind dog boarding experience in Nova Scotia

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Fully custom

We host an average of 4 house guests who receive quality care from an expert in the industry. We celebrate their unique quirks and intentionally meet each dog’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

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Private trails

Your dog will enjoy multiple daily romps in the safety of our fenced-in property. Our 3 acres of land is split into an open play field, a beautiful forest and, in the summer, a full-size dog pool!

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All inclusive

Chews, kongs and enrichment puzzles are part of our daily routine to keep those puppy brains sharp and fulfilled. They’re customized to each dog and included in their stay, at no additional cost to you!

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Just like home

Dogs sleep in our home at night - wherever they choose - and we have a large indoor playroom where games, snuggles and some of our best naps take place when taking a break from the great outdoors.


The Dig It Dogs experience

multiple dogs running through a forest
a dog enjoying a kong snack
a big dog and a small dog snuggling in a dog bed
dogs running through snowy trails
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Start planning today for your most restful future getaway

A one-time evaluation to confirm we’re the best match for your pup is required. Only pre-approved dogs can reserve their bookings.

Tax included
No additional daycare fee
Free enrichment snacks and puzzles
Drop off is from 7:00-9:30am
Pickup is from 4:00-6:00pm
Positive reinforcement only
All ages, sizes and diets welcome
Book a trial night
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Stay in touch

Take a vacation from worrying

We post daily updates on social so you can follow along from anywhere in the world. Explore our property, see what the dogs are up to, and rest assured they’re in the best of hands!