The Frying Pan

The frying pan. Every morning I get up and I fry eggs. The dogs gather around me and hope for a piece of something, anything, to fall on the ground. After eating I either get ready to go outside or go downstairs to work with our Board & Train dogs (those who are not dog or people friendly so can't be upstairs with us yet).

When I come back upstairs, every single morning, I find the pan on the ground because a certain cattle dog that LOVES food knocked it over to enjoy it for himself. Yes he's a master of counter surfing because i never even hear it fall! You would think I would work on his counter surfing or at the very least manage the behaviour. Simply wash the pan or put it in the sink where he can't reach it and self reward himself every morning. Im telling you guys this story because it shows that when behaviours that keeps presenting itself there is, almost always, something that is rewarding for both parties. And in order to make a change you need to figure out what that is and admit it. Altho some mornings when i'm in a hurry I get frustrated at Joey (but mostly myself) but most of the time I just laugh it off. It's cute, it's funny and pretty amazing just how sneaky he is at it. So whether your dog barks at the window or jumps up on people this can be frustrating but the fact that your dog is bringing attention to you, he's happy etc can be self rewarding enough in itself for you as well. That's why I ask people just how important is it to them to change the behaviour that the dog is doing. Because if you really want to change it, it makes the process so much easier for both parties. Learning and teaching new behaviours is two sides. Your dog needs to learn but so do you. Getting your dog on board with the training is not the problem, getting you to be committed is what really makes the difference. You must be ready to put an effort in the training to get results. Clearly, putting the frying pan is just not that important to me ;)

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