Private Training

Session Length
1h 30m
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$90 + travel fee* + tax
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In person meetings in your home and neighbourhood


Élise will perform a thorough assessment of your biggest pain points with your dog and produce a personalized solution plan that fits your exact needs. From a simple lifestyle evaluation to the most complex reactivity case, we’ve got you covered!

Private sessions take place in your home to allow for an in-depth look at what your routine and struggles look like in an everyday setting. 

Together, we will:

  • Analyse and understand your dog’s response to their environment
  • Pinpoint specific triggers to behaviours that upset you
  • Design a scientifically proven approach to behaviour modification that suits your specific scenario
  • Help you fully enjoy your dog again!

*There is a $1 per minute travel fee applicable to each consult, based on a one-way trip. For example, the travel fee will be $30 if you live 30min away from Dig It Dogs.


You dictate what you’d like to tackle in these sessions.

Élise will dig further into the source of your frustrations and design a customized plan to set your dog up for success! She will help you implement each piece of advice into your daily routine and show you first hand how to rebuild and solidify your relationship with your dog.

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