Dog School

Session Length
4 x 10 hrs
Price tag icon
$200 + tax
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4 weeks
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Dig It Dogs Pet Services - Upper Rawdon, NS


Dog school is an exciting day of daycare with an educational twist! A maximum of five dogs will be carefully assessed and selected to attend this four-week program.

We’ll meet you at a convenient pickup/drop off location and take it from there! Your dog will participate in multiple training sessions, relaxation breaks, structured playtime and adventure time in our three-acre, fully fenced in property.

Our training material will be accessible via Google Classroom, while progress videos and pictures will be posted on our Facebook page each day. At the end of a term, we’ll discuss if your pup is eligible for another round.


7:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m

Tuesdays, pickup and drop off at Enfield Big Stop
Fridays, pickup and drop off at Lower Sackville Kent

*The ability to travel to your designated pickup/drop off location is required.
*Transport to and from Dig It Dogs is included.


  • Come when called / Recall
  • Mat work with duration, distance and distractions / Place
  • Appropriate play… and much more!

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