Board and Train

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Full time
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$1500 + tax
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2 weeks
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Dig It Dogs Pet Services - Upper Rawdon, NS


Our board and train is ideal for dogs that need to change old habits by creating more desirable ones. Anything from reactivity, to everyday manners and obedience. Let us get your dog on the path to success during our two-week board and train!

Your dog will join Élise in her home and have multiple training sessions throughout the day in real life situations tailored to their special needs. You will receive daily progress reports, photos and video updates of their journey.

At the end of our program, these new life skills will be transferred to you so your dog can continue its success beyond the board and train! You will also be granted free access to our Life Skills Class for the life time of your dog!


The sky's the limit! You dictate what you’d like us to tackle during your dog’s stay.

Élise will dig further into the source of your frustrations and design a customized plan and approach to help your dog shine!

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