At Dig It, we thrive to be a little bit different from your typical dog daycare. With 3 acres of fully fenced land, we are able to give the dogs plenty of room to roam and play during their time with us. 


As dog owners and trainers with past experience working at different dog daycares, we have seen the good and the bad. We both quickly became aware of a few problems with normal daycare environment; too many dogs in too small quarters where they were forced to interact with each other without room to walk away from a situation in which they felt uncomfortable in.

We have a large open area for the dogs to enjoy. Keeping the group of dogs at a reasonable number to ensure that everyone is comfortable. 

With a few different yards and areas for dogs, we are able to match dogs appropriately.

Run in the woods, play with sticks and climb on rocks. Go ahead, have fun. Dogs are always supervised here at dig it dogs canine services but also encouraged to have fun and be themselves! This way, when they come home they are tired and content! 

A little bit different

That's why we are doing thing differently 

We are allowing dogs to be dogs

To book a reservation or for more information you can reach us at (902)222-0136 or email us at Let us know the date(s) and the number of dogs. 


Please take a few minutes to fill out our online registration form. This gives us all the information we need to know about the dog to ensure we can give the best care during his/her time at daycare!


Once it has been filled, we will email you to schedule your dog's first daycare day!

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$20/day per dog

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Dog Daycare

Dig It Dogs offers a social, personnalised style daycare for your dog

Doggy Day Care is a great way to get your dog out of the house to socialize and play during the day while you are at work. With 3 acres of fenced in land which includes; trails, a large field, a human size pool during the summer months, there's something for every dog to enjoy! At Dig It Dogs, your dog will get both physical and mental exercise which makes for a very tired, content dog at the end of the day! 


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