Puppy Classes
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Puppy Classes

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$50 + tax
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4 weeks
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Access from any computer, tablet or mobile


Invaluable tips on how to raise a confident puppy, right in your pocket!

This program was designed for the do-it-yourselfers who like to learn at their own pace. With science driven tips and tricks to help you communicate with your little one in a way that promotes a healthy, positive partnership from the very beginning.

Puppies under the age of 6 months are at their most impressionable stage, still learning how to “dog” in a human-centric world, and reliant on you to show them the ropes. It is ever so important that we set them up for success from day one to prevent big stressers later in life.

Pre-recorded course material (written and video instructions) will be delivered via Google Classroom and students will be given access to a class-specific Facebook Group for daily updates and support. 

*A similar program is available as an in-person class.


  • Focusing on building confidence
  • Exposure to different textures and objects
  • Handling, grooming and vet visit practice
  • Recall work
  • Loose leash walking foundation
  • Working on calm behaviour
  • Troubleshooting puppy behaviour
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