The 'perfect' dog

Twice in the past week during private sessions, I used Jasper to help dogs with reactivity and got the same response from owners.

I put him in a down stay and we worked on the look at that game.  Talked the owners trough the steps. We built distance and then walked up while the dog told us they were ready. We played around with their threshold, helping the owners understand how to move forward with triggers.

Jasper stayed on the ground, content, doing his thing. Sometimes rolling on his back, other times crawling forward to sniff a blade of grass.

During both sessions I was asked something along the lines of “do you think I can get my dog to be like that?”. The owner pointing to the strange, carefree black dog laying on the ground.

Jasper’s a great dog for me and in these people eyes he was just perfect. Ignoring their dog, not barking and holding a position, making them laugh when he stretched out on his stomach and crawled forward or sideways.

But Jasper's not perfect. He jumps up sometimes, he’s pushy and he honestly doesn’t want to play with your friendly dog. He jumps up on counters at stores, because he wants his treat, and I find it cute.

But here’s the thing, you can get a jasper. Because I know dog owners don’t want or need perfection. You want a dog that you can enjoy spending time with. A dog you feel you can communicate with instead of argue with.

And this can be your dog.

We want our dogs to hang out and do nothing sometimes, and that’s possible.

We want our dogs to go places and be appropriate, that’s totally achievable.

But for these things to happen you need to invest time into your dog. It won’t just happen. And you need to take your dog’s needs and feelings into consideration.

My goal is to help you and your dog enjoy each other again.

Because it IS possible.

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