Andrew's Passion for animals started at a young age when he got involved with horses. In 2012, after trying a  few different career choices, he started his professional career in dog training when he traveled to Victoria, BC to become a certified professional dog trainer. In 2014, Andrew took another amazing opportunity to travel to Sacramento, California. During this experience, he had the chance to work with hundreds of dogs, ranging from puppies to adults with issues from potty training to severe aggression and anxieties.


Andrew’s passion is to work with difficult dogs. He loves the challenge and finding what works for the individual dog. Keeping an open mind during training while using a balance of fun and work, he believes that there isn’t just one way that works for every dog. 


Andrew's biggest strength in the business is his creativity and ability to make a project happen. If he has a vision, he is able to build it.  

Dig It Dogs canine services is a Nova Scotia based company dedicated to giving the best possible care to dogs while they stay with us. Providing both physical and mental exercise for the dogs to make sure everyones needs are met. 

Elise grew up with dogs. As a kid, she spent many hours watching dogs being trained and it wasn't long before she got her first dog. She quickly learned her true passion for training dogs.

Elise practices and competing in a large assortment of dog sports; agility, disc, obedience, tricks, and freestyle. The more she train and learns, the more her passion grew. 



In 2014, Elise traveled to Vancouver, BC to attend a  government certified school that would certify her as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. It was a valuable learning experience. She came back with a dream of starting a dog daycare and boarding facility. 


Elise is a hard worker with a very open mind. She's patient with the dogs and loves spending time with them. 


Who we are and what we do

Meet the owners

We had a vision and a dream so we decided to build it ourselves. 

Our Dogs

We have comited our lives to dogs so of course, we have dogs of our own! And to us, they are a big part of our family! 

Zoey is a Border Collie mix from Homeward Bound City Pound in Dartmouth. She's the abosulte sweetes little thing. She loves chasing dogs and swiming. She will swim for hours for no particalar reason other than just for pure joy of swimming. 

However, her favourirte pass time is watching squirls in trees. Not chasing or barking at them, just siting under the treets and watching. 

Chance is from the East Cost German Sheherd rescue. He was adopted at around 11 months and came with alot of work. But, it was definitely worth it. He's 5 years old now and has calmed down a lot. Altho he's always ready for a game of fetch or going on a hike, he's also very content with sleeping away a day on his couch. But Chance definitely takes the farming life very seriously. He's passionate about his sheep and goats and feels the need to make sure everyone is being well taken care of. Andrew and Chance have a very special bond. 

Miles is a Border Collie from Ontario. He's basiucaly an expert at tricks. Knows over 200 comands and thinks training is pretty cool. He also plays agility and competes in frisbee. 

He's a social butterfly that loves attention. He will gladly stand still for hours being pet by a complete stranger. 

Miles is an excelent hiking partner. Never goes far but loves to explore. Miles holds a very special part of Elise's heart. 

Joey is an Australian Cattle dog who was in rescue in Ontario. He had some trust issues with people when he first came. He is much more confident now but is happy to just have his few close people in his life. He's much more of a dog-dog if you know what I mean. Joey is an athlete. And a really good one. He's amazing at catching frisbees and just jumping in general. But when he's not doing something fun, he sleeps. He jsut enjoys sleeping. Or as we say "preserving his energy". 

But his all times favourite thing (and probably what's on his mind 99% of the time) is by far eating. He lives to eat. 

Missy is a puppy Miniature American Shepherd. She's the latest addition to our family. She's full of spunk and personality. She's a very brave puppy and we are looking forward to seeing how she grows up!

We understand that your dog is family. So when your dogs stay's with us, they become part of our. 


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